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The establishment and management of white clover through over-sowing

Dairy farmer, Jim White, and grassland researcher, Mike Egan, join Emma-Louise Coffey on this week’s episode of The Dairy Edge podcast to discuss the establishment and management of white clover through over-sowing.

Mike recommends that dairy farmers make a plan to establish white clover for the grazing platform and can target up to 25% of the platform with a combination of a full reseed with perennial ryegrass + white clover and over-sowing white clover in existing grass swards.

Jim established 16% (11 of 67 ha) of his milking platform with white clover through over-sowing in 2021.

He explains that key to the success of establishment was grassland management, measuring the milking platform every 5 days during the peak grazing season and grazing at a cover of 1,100-1,200 kg DM/ha.

Mike explains that there are 3 components that determine the success of over-sowing: nutrients (adequate soil fertiliser pre-sow), moisture (for up to 6 weeks post-sow) and light (to assist germination, establishment and persistence at the base of the sward).

For more information: Management and establishment of grass white clover swards (PDF)

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