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The research into what leads to success or failure when using sealer-only at dry off

On this week’s episode of The Dairy Edge podcast, Clare Clabby joins Emma-Louise Coffey to discuss the research that has been carried out on selective dry cow therapy.

Clare explains that the research focused on herds that completed at least 4 milk recordings per year and where all bulk tank readings remained under 200,000. In these herds, cows with SCC of less than 200,000 were selected and divided into two groups: Group 1 internal teat sealer only and Group 2 antibiotic plus internal teat sealer.

In one herd, Clare noted a significant rise in the cows that had received a teat sealer only. Through further investigation, Clare noted that the herd, despite being under the limit set for the trial, had a rising SCC from mid lactation which indicated that there was a growing level of infection in the herd prior to dry off. Clare encourages all farmers to take the bulk tank trend into account as well as milk recording and incidence of mastitis records.

Clare reiterates the importance of milk recording records to select appropriate cows for sealer only or sealer + antibiotic treatment and ensuring sufficient help and time is allocated to facilitate best practice in your dry cow procedure.

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