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Top results with sexed semen

Sexed semen can be successfully used to increase numbers of dairy female replacements born and to reduce the number of dairy bull calves born. Teagasc recommends that early calving younger cows or maiden heifers are most successfully bred to sexed semen. George Ramsbottom, Dairy Specialist explains

In addition sexed semen can be used to compact the birth of replacement heifers closer to the start of the calving season than when conventional semen is used. The challenge is the sperm is more fragile after the sorting process and sexed semen straws contain fewer sperm than conventional semen.

George advises paying particular careful attention to straw handling and AI procedures and he discusses how to get best results. 

Jim White, Dairy Farmer outlines the reasons why he chose to use sexed semen. He has good fertility in his herd to begin with and as he has also sells surplus stock it gave him greater choice for his own herd and for growing his own herd.

 In this short clip, George Ramsbottom outlines the benefits and challenges of using sexed semen.

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