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Watch: John Hatton's Dairy Farming Approach

John Hatton, alongside his wife Kay and their son Mark, who is currently in Australia, have their own approach to dairy farming with a focus on efficiency, family, and lifestyle balance.

For 30 years, John has dedicated his life to milking cows, overseeing a herd of 95 purebred Holsteins known for their spring calving.

John places a lot of importance on finishing work in the evening, aiming for six o'clock, to maintain flexibility for personal activities. This approach is challenged by the demanding schedules from January to June due to spring calving. Despite these challenges, John has established a routine that optimizes both his farming responsibilities and his personal time. Mornings start at seven, with the day organized around two milking sessions that allow him to engage in other farming tasks or personal interests in the evening.

This schedule is not just a personal preference for John; it's part of a vision to make farming an attractive career choice for the younger generation. He believes that showcasing a farming lifestyle that allows for work-life balance is essential in encouraging young people to participate in agriculture.

For John, the ability to manage time effectively without compromising on farm productivity is crucial. He points out that his farm's somatic cell count stands at 110,000 showing that efficiency and productivity can go hand in hand.