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A new mission to improve soil health - Webinar

Teagasc researchers Dr. Karl Richards and Dr. David Wall were joined by Minister of State Martin Heydon TD and Dr Jean-Francois Soussana, Vice-President International Research Policy, INRAE to discuss EU's new mission to improve soil health.

How can we take better care of our soils to benefit the planet, climate and society? The first webinar in a series of Teagasc Research Insights Webinars was entitled 'A new mission to improve soil health'.

EU mission - Soil health and food

Land and soils are essential for all life-sustaining processes on our planet. They are the basis for the food we grow as well as for many other products such as feed, textiles, or wood. Soils also provide a range of ecosystem services which are important for clean water, supporting biodiversity or for cycling nutrients and regulating climate.

A mission in the area of soil health and food will provide a powerful tool to raise awareness on the importance of soils, engage with citizens, create knowledge and develop solutions for restoring soil health and soil functions.

View webinar recording below 

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