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Building Autumn Grass

In a recent edition of the Let's Talk Dairy Series, Stuart Childs interviewed John Douglas, Teagasc Grass10 Advisor, about setting up the farm for Autumn grass. Extra grazing days in the autumn are achieved by building grass cover during August. See the environmental benefits and get key tips here

Extra days at grass will result in less silage in the diet reducing methane emissions; less slurry management required and improved efficiency. The Signpost programme supports this advice.

Key tips for building grass in Autumn include:

  1. Establishing stocking rate and what targets you need to hit;
  2. Aiming to extend rotation from the 10th August;
  3. Remove last of surplus bales by early august to all sufficient regrowth;
  4. Control demand by introducing supplement or reducing stocking rate and
  5. Apply protected N + K protected, in line with your NMP

 Watch the video below to see what John Douglas has to say about building grass cover


Let's Talk Dairy is a weekly webinar series held every Thursday morning, offering timely, relevant and practical advice to allow you make better management decisions on your dairy farm. To view this webinar in full Find out more here 

The Signpost Programme is a collaborative programme to lead climate action by Irish farmers and their transition towards more sustainable farming systems. To learn more about the programme and to meet the signposts farmers and signpost partner organisations visit Signpost Programme