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REAP Margins fencing date approaches

REAP Margins fencing date approaches

Aoife Leader, Teagasc Walsh Scholar, highlights how farmers can maintain and enhance field margins for farmland biodiversity bearing in mind that farmers availing of the REAP scheme may choose to fence these margins from livestock. For REAP this fencing must be in place by 15th July 2021. See more

Farmers taking part in the new Results-Based Environment-Agri Pilot Project (REAP) may choose to maintain margins on farm. View a factsheet on the Results-Based Environment-Agri Pilot Project (REAP) here 

Margin width options are: 1m, 2m, 3m (and an additional option of 5m for Multi Species Leys). These margins require fencing from livestock and this fencing must be in place by 15th July 2021. These margins will be scored as part of the field scoring process carried out by the REAP Advisor and will influence the payment to be received by the farmer. Where a margin is fenced off adjacent to a watercourse then extra marks will be awarded.

The field margin habitat

Field margins are easy-to-manage strips of naturally growing vegetation that are found along the edge of fields beside linear features like hedgerows. Field margins are extremely valuable biodiversity habitats that are structurally different from what you might find in the centre of a ryegrass field. They are comprised of a variety of plants including naturally growing wildflowers and grasses that produce flowers and seeds which benefit seed-eating birds. 

Think M.A.R.G.I.N.S.

So, when it comes to doing more for biodiversity on your farm just think of the actions you can take around the M.A.R.G.I.N.S.

  • Mange for Nature
  • Avoid Spraying
  • Retain when Cultivating
  • Good Fertiliser Management
  • Increase Width
  • Native Plants Growing Naturally
  • Seasonal Cutting

Aoife Leader, Teagasc Walsh Scholar has more on Margins in this short clip below

For more information check out REAP and also the Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine (REAP)

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