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Teagasc Signpost Advisory Programme open to participants

Teagasc Signpost Advisory Programme open to participants

Most of the actions you are being asked to implement to reduce emissions will also reduce costs, improve animal performance and increase farm profitability. It’s a win-win for your farm.

To help you implement these actions, Teagasc has established a new, targeted advisory programme to support climate and sustainability actions on farms. This new programme will be available to everyone and is free of charge. The programme will provide a dedicated advisory and training support to you to identify and help implement climate and sustainability actions that will be appropriate to your farm.

The overall aim of the programme is to give you the confidence to adopt new and existing technologies and production systems that will allow you to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while maintaining farm profitability. Participation in the programme will be for three-years.

There are five steps to the programme for participating farmers:

  1. You register for the programme.
  2. A baseline assessment of the current actions being implemented on the farm will be established.
  3. You will have the opportunity to see the total emissions figures for your farm (Know Your Number). This is an important starting point. It’s hard to change what you don’t measure.
  4. An action plan for the farm will be developed in conjunction with an advisor (Make My Plan). Creating this action plan will be supported by being able to identify the actions that are most appropriate to your farm.
  5. You will be supported to make the plan happen through a range of advisory supports, including both group-based and individual follow-up and advice.

A basic requirement for change is knowing where you are starting from. A new Sustainability Digital Platform, developed jointly by Teagasc, ICBF and Bord Bia, will pull together the existing actions in place on your farm and generate a total emissions figure for the farms. Following on from that, you will be able to determine the impact of different actions on the emissions for your farm. 'Know My Number' is an important starting point for selecting the right actions in order to 'Make My Plan' for your farm.

Register for the programme today by clicking here.