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Teagasc Signpost Programme Newsletter September 2021

This month’s Signpost newsletter features a guide to actions that dairy farmers can take to reduce emissions. We have the usual climate actions for the month as well as a timely video on lime application. We profile 3 Signpost farms – James Skehan (beef) Sean Collery (dairy) & Don Somers (tillage)

Issue 4 - September 2021

We have had some very significant reports released in August – the IPCC report is summarised in the newsletter as well as a summary of the EPA / Met Eireann Ireland’s Climate Report. The Environment Edge podcast team discuss forestry with Ken Bucke, DAFM. Methane emissions are being measured using the Green Feed Machine at Teagasc Moorepark. Katie Starmore explains how it works.

Climate Actions for September

Each month, we will present climate actions that farmers can take to reduce gaseous emissions. These actions will be practical and timely.  See below climate actions for the month of September.

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Climate Actions for Dairy farmers

Farmers are being asked to make changes to how they farm to reduce GHGs. But what are the key actions that will help reduce emissions? This month’s paper outlines 7 key areas that dairy farmers can take action in to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The paper outlines the technology, how it works, the impact at farm level, the impact on the environment and the key actions that can be taken

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Meet three of the Signpost Farmers

It's Time to Lime

Soil pH is critical in maximising the availability of N, P & K applied in organic and chemical fertilisers. Spreading Lime is essential to maintain optimum soil pH of 6.3-6.5

Séamus Nolan Dairy Advisor Teagasc Talks "Its Time to Lime".

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Green Feeder

The ability to measure methane emissions and understand its profile is key to finding solutions to reducing methane emissions. Teagasc Moorepark have a piece of technology that can do just that. Learn more about the Moorepark Green Feed Machine from Katie Starmore, Teagasc Moorepark.

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Research Updates

Quotas and Emissions

Results from a recent Teagasc study indicate that average GHG emission intensity per kg of milk produced decreased by 13 % between 2000 and 2017. This means that dairy farmers are now producing each kg of milk with considerably fewer emissions than 20 years ago. They also found that, on average, absolute GHG emissions have increased by 86 % per farm over the same period. While this increase in absolute GHG emissions per farm is significant, average milk output per farm has increased by much more (123 %)


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Managing slurry to minimise nutrient losses to waters

Good management when applying organic fertiliser to grassland is recommended to maximise grass growth, while at the same time minimising nutrient and gaseous losses to water and to the atmosphere. This is particularly important as we approach the 15th of October.

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Climate Change News

The IPCC Report August 2021
The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report does not pull any punches when it comes to the crisis the world faces, writes Prof Peter Thorne, Coordinating Lead Author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report.

The Status of Ireland’s Climate Report August 2021
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Met Éireann (MÉ) and the Marine Institute (MI) have published a report on “The Status of Ireland’s Climate”. It confirms and updates findings from the 2012 report and details how global changes are being reflected in our atmosphere, oceans and our landscape.

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The Environment Edge Podcast

The Environment edge team interviewed Ken Bucke, Environment Section, Forest Inspectorate, DAFM last month. Ken discussed his role in the Forest Service DAFM and highlighted what DAFM is doing to support and protect water quality and fulfil its commitment Water Framework Directive and the River Basin Management Plan for Ireland. 

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Signpost Programme Partners

The Signpost Programme is a collaborative partnership of farmers, industry and State Agencies, working together for climate action. 

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