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Training on Grassland Management & Recording of Grass Production on Derogation Farms

Grazed grass is the cheapest animal feed available to Irish farmers, in order to manage it successfully, to underpin profitability, it needs to be measured. The potential reward of utilising more grass in livestock production is huge. Teagasc Advisor Liz Duffy has more information

Teagasc estimates that if grass utilised were to be increased by one tonne DM/ha/year, the benefit to dairy farmers would be €181/ha and €105/ha to drystock farmers. For more information on the benefits of grass measurement click here

Invest in Yourself: Options for Derogation Farmers

Investing time and effort in your grassland management skills will help you realise these benefits.  Derogation farmers must record through appropriate software technology (e.g. PastureBase) the grass produced annually on the farm from 2020. Here’s how to.

Help and support is available from your local Teagasc Advisor to get you set up and going.

If, however, you feel you may be unable to undertake this measure, you have the alternative option to participate in training in grassland management which must be completed by the end of 2021 and will be organised locally. 

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Recording grass covers on PastureBase allows the farmer to:

  1. Benchmark performance geographically with farmers in his/her discussion group
  2. Build a comprehensive grassland database for their farm
  3. Determine the quantity of grass that can be grown on their farm
  4. Identify underperforming paddocks and earmark them for reseeding

For more information and videos on grass measuring click here: PastureBase Ireland

Start Walking & Measuring

You cannot manage something you do not measure! Measuring grass enables the grassland farmer to make better informed and more effective grassland management and grazing decisions. Get involved either through your local discussion groups or enquire to your local Teagasc offices about joining a Grass 10 course or visit Grazing Courses 

Keep up to date with the weekly newsletter from the Grass 10 programme, showing weekly national & regional growth rates, growth predictions for the week ahead, and key management tips, visit Weekly Newsletter

Grass Measuring: Questions and Answers

Q: How will the grass measurements be verified?
A: Measurements will be verified based on the dates of record entry (as outlined below). It is the responsibility of the derogation farmer to complete grass measurement and recording of grassland data.

Q: How many grass measurements are required?

  • A minimum 20 grass measurements per annum (either - rising plate meter or visual assessment supplemented with cut & weigh method) on the main grazing platform only.
  • The following measurements are required per month over the season as follows;
    Feb (1)
    March (2)
    April to Sept (14)
    Oct (2)
    Nov (1)

Q: What will be the verification requirements for farmers that attend a grassland training course?
A: Proof of attendance at courses will be required.