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Water Quality Indicators - Chemical Sampling

It is important to understand what causes damage to our waters and work together to protect them. As part of Water Quality Week and World Water Day today, LAWPRO Scientists demonstrate here what the chemical indicators of water quality are and how this sampling is carried out

This short video gives a short description of a number of indicators other than macro-invertebrates that are extremely important in terms of determining water quality.

The first example is that the amount and type of aquatic vegetation observed in the waterbody can indicate elevated nutrients. Plant overgrowth leads to low oxygen levels and impacts the invertebrates living there. Invasive species, sediment build up, and macro algae are all very important indicators and are recorded by catchment scientists at each site.

All this information needs to be gathered so a full picture can be made on the water quality in a waterbody. In turn this allows local advice to be given to protect and improve our waterways.

For more info see www.watersandcommunities.ie  www.catchments.ie  and www.teagasc.ie/waterqualityweek