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Jessy's Smart Kids - Summer 2021

Jessy's Smart Kids is a fun easily downloadable kids farm safety newsletter. This edition of Jessy's Smart Kids includes: Farm Family Safety; Blind Spots; First Aid Kit and Farmer Wellbeing.

Farm-Safe Fun with Jessy

View it here: Jessy's Smart Kids - Summer 2021 (PDF)

In this edition:

  • Farm Family Safety
    It's the start of the summer holidays! An extra important time to remember farm safety and to make sure everyone knows how to be farm safe and stay farm safe. Copy and complete the Farm Safe Reminder for your family.
  • Watch out - There are machines about!
    It's nearly the harvest season and many big machines are put to work. The farmer carries out checks to ensure their machines are safe and ready for the busy season ahead.
  • BLIND SPOTS - Where they cannot see - is where you shouldn't be!
    stand near a tractor or any machinery when they're in use! Visibility can be limited for farmers when sitting high up in tractors, combine harvesters, etc and they will not see you if you approach.
  • Farmer wellbeing
    As with all times of the year, farmers must remember their wellbeing as well as staying safe. Harvest time is a busy time so here are some key tips to keep farmers (and everyone) safe and well.
  • Solve the farm safe crossword
  • Our family's first aid kit