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Protecting yourself from Infectious diseases

Protecting yourself from Infectious diseases

All farm animals naturally carry a number of organisms which can be transferred to humans and cause ill health. As part of Farm Safety Week Seán Doorley, Teagasc Advisor Castlerea, highlights ways to improve good farm hygiene to try to prevent the spread of disease from animals to humans.

Seán Doorley highlights the importance of good farm hygiene, good PPE and ways to prevent transmission of diseases from animals to humans on farm.

Some disease prevention tips

  • Wash hands regularly
  • Use gloves routinely
  • Have a well stocked first aid box
  • Vaccinate the sheep against the main diseases
  • Avoid and reduce dust on farm and wear a mask where handling dusty materials
  • Control rodents on farm
  • Deworm cats and dogs regularly

 Watch as Seán outlines more tips and ways to improve good farm hygiene in this short video

For further Farm Safety information check out the Farm Safety Week Section on the Teagasc Website.

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