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Safety around livestock

Safety around livestock

As farm safety week draws to a close today Peter Mullan, Teagasc Advisor issues a reminder to farmers to mind your health by staying safe around livestock and gives tips on

Working with livestock is responsible for 20% of farm workplace deaths with over half of these deaths caused by cows and heifers around calving.

About a quarter of non fatal accidents on farms are animal related. Greatest risk accrues when animals are being moved, separated or released. 

Calttle Rails Cattle in a crush

Most common injuries are: 

  • Crushing

Animals with newborn also pose a great risk. One should never turn ones back on such animals. Good handling facilities are extremely important. Pens, fencing, crushes and skulling gates should be of a standard to facilitate herd size.

All visible defects in livestock facilities should be identified and maintenance carried out. It is a good idea to use a vehicle when herding animals particularly for older farmers. Regardless of stage of growth aggressive animals should be culled. Stock proof fencing should be maintained, particularly road side fencing.

Move animals with the minimum of fuss and noise.

More information on farming safely with livestock available here on Health and Safety website 

Teagasc advisor, Peter Mullan runs through some top tips for staying safe while farming with livestock in the video below

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