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Woman Farmer Capital Investment Scheme

Woman Farmer Capital Investment Scheme

The Women Farmer Capital Investment Scheme (WFCIS) opened last year as part of Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS 3). Aíne O'Riordan, B&T Drystock advisor in Macroom, tells us more in this article.

This scheme is welcomed as according to the Department of Agricultural, Food & Marine it provides an incentive to women farmers to upgrade their agricultural buildings and equipment by providing them with an increased level of support to meet the considerable capital costs associated with the establishment of their enterprises. It promotes gender equality, employment, growth, generational renewal, social inclusion and local development in rural areas by supporting the participation of women in farming. To improve competitiveness and contribute to the improvement of agricultural incomes. It also improves efficiency, drives growth and creates environmental benefits.

This scheme is open for women who are farming solely in their own name or if they are part of a registered farm partnership. Any women farmers who were named on the herdnumber and submitted a 2022 BPS will not require an agricultural qualification however if it was after 2022 an agricultural qualification will be required.

The scheme is available to women farmers aged between 41-66 years at 60% grant rate, with a €90,000 investment ceiling.  The reason for the age limit beginning at 41years is because young farmers will be eligible for 60% grant rate already under the Young Farmer Capital Investment Scheme. Multiple applications per tranche are permissible. However, the minimum amount of investment which is eligible for approval under this Scheme is €2,000 per application

According to the CSO figures in 2020 there was only 13.7% of farm holders in Ireland were women. While this figure of farm holders is small, however Women make a huge contribution on many Irish farms. Women play a vital role on many farms, whether it’s feeding calves, milking, lambing etc. and this scheme will hopefully encourage many to enter in a registered farm partnership so that their contribution can be officially recognised and they will be eligible for the 60% grant rate on investments. There are currently only 3.8% of registered farm partnerships with joint male/female partners so hopefully that will see an improvement on the gender gap on Irish farms.  This is a great opportunity for women farmers to develop and modernise their farms.

The list of investments available in the Woman Farmer Capital Investment Scheme can be found here