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Ireland to host the international EuroSense2024 conference for the first time in September 2024

Ireland to host the international EuroSense2024 conference for the first time in September 2024

Sensory science as a discipline has grown significantly across the island of Ireland over the last decade. This increase in expertise has culminated with Ireland hosting the international EuroSense Conference this September for the first time.

With a theme of “A Sense of Global Culture”, the 11th European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research (EuroSense), will take place at the RDS, Dublin, from the 8th-11th September, 2024. The conference chairs are Teagasc researchers Emily Crofton, Eimear Gallagher and Sinéad McCarthy and they are delighted to be hosting this event alongside collaborators from Sensory Food Network Ireland and the European Sensory Science Society (E3S)

Sensory science in food research is the study of our five senses, taste, smell, sight, touch and sound, and how they affect our experience of food. At Teagasc, sensory science research focuses on applying sensory evaluation techniques to better understand our response to food products. This includes using new technologies such as virtual or augmented reality and biometric sensors to gain deeper insight into our sensory perception and the subsequent impact on consumer food choice behaviour. Teagasc also provides training to the food industry on the principles of sensory science and the design of sensory food trials.

EuroSense2024 will bring together academic and industry-based researchers, providing a unique opportunity to share the latest scientific discoveries in the field through renowned keynote speakers, oral and poster presentations and workshops. An international line-up of speakers will present their latest findings and discuss current issues relating to the application of sensory science and consumer research on a global scale.

The co-chairs have expressed their enthusiasm in bringing EuroSense2024 to Dublin this September. New approaches to living, eating and the environment across the globe will shape the future of sensory and consumer science. We have put together an exciting programme of prominent speakers across a broad range of topics, across food and non-food applications. We’re looking forward to the opportunity to bring together over 800 sensory scientists and create new connections and collaborations”.

Abstract submission for the conference close on 5th April

For more information on EUROSENSE 2024 click here