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Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) 2022 and Forestry

Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) 2022 and Forestry

Once again, it is time to ensure your all-important Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) application is completed and submitted in good time. Teagasc recently launched a guidance video where Tom Houlihan, Forestry Specialist, explains how the BPS interacts with forestry and provides useful tips and checks

Watch the video below as Tom Houlihan, Forestry Specialist, explains how the BPS interacts with forestry and provides useful tips and checks on including forestry parcels in your 2022 BPS application.  

This year’s BPS application deadline of Monday 16 May 2022 (midnight) is fast approaching. Given the significance of this application in terms of the BPS and a range of farm schemes and its significance in terms of farm income, it is very important to give it the timely attention it deserves. It is also strongly recommended to check that all required land parcel details and any changes since last year, where relevant, are correctly reflected in your BPS submission.

Availing of Basic Payment and forestry premium

For qualifying applicants, the opportunity to continue to avail of the Basic Payment as well as forestry premium on the same land in 2022 is one of a number of highly attractive benefits of the farm forest option. The video explains some of the key scheme criteria required for eligibility of forestry parcels. For example, eligible land that was declared in a Single Payment Scheme application in 2008, and which was planted in any year since 2009 (inclusive) or which will be planted this year, can continue to be eligible for a BPS payment in 2022 provided:

  • The land to be planted was declared on a 2008 SPS application
  • The declared land was eligible and gave a right to payment under the 2008 SPS

Another highly important eligibility requirement is that, to benefit from the BPS on planted land, the BPS applicant(s) must be the person or persons named as the forestry scheme beneficiary (or joint beneficiary). This requirement needs to be fully considered and may require advance planning in scenarios where the farm, or part of the farm, is being transferred.

The appropriate BPS parcel use for forestry plots will depend on the timing of when the forest was planted. The video provides guidance for the various scenarios. It also puts focus on the importance of ensuring the correct areas have been included for all eligible parcels, forestry and otherwise.

The video concludes by highlighting the ongoing and comprehensive forestry advisory supports available through Teagasc and how to keep in touch. The “Basic Payment Scheme 2022 and Forestry” video complements a more detailed document, available on the forestry section of the Teagasc website: www.teagasc.ie/forestrybps.

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Teagasc and the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) will run a nationwide series of walks between 9 and 20 May focusing on forest recreation. If you are interested in attending any of these you can find out more at Forest Recreation Walks in May 2022

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