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How to sell timber - Talking Timber 2021 Webinar

Talking Timber 2021 was broadcast live on Tuesday 15 June @7pm. Teagasc’s annual timber marketing event supports forest owners in harvesting and selling the timber from their conifer forests. This year’s theme was “The Business of Forestry - how to sell timber”.


Talking Timber 2021 was presented as a combination of short, focussed videos and live panel discussion with forestry experts. Viewers had an opportunity to get answers to their questions during a live Q&A session.

With a primary focus on second and subsequent thinnings, forestry experts from Teagasc and the Forestry Division, DAFM was joined by a forest owner, a harvesting forester (representing Forest Industries Ireland) and a taxation specialist from IFAC to discuss all aspects of timber harvesting and timber sales.


Private forestry in Ireland has come a long way in the last three decades with thousands of forests now at different harvesting stages – from first thinning to clearfell.

Timber is a very valuable commodity but forests need proactive management to fully realise their growth and value potential. Thinning on time and removing the right trees is the best way to drive timber production and value. But even in situations where thinning may not be possible, the timber crop can be very valuable.

Talking Timber 2021 – The Business of Forestry: how to sell timber addressed the important issues for forest owners, with timber to sell, to get the best outcomes – for themselves and their forests.

Timber sales should be well planned and executed with forest owners understanding what is involved at each stage. There are several steps in the timber sales process and central to this is a strong timber sales contract which addresses a range of financial and harvesting issues to provide a comprehensive agreement between seller and purchaser.

Talking Timber 2021 provided guidance on the timber sales process – from presale measurement and valuation to type of sale and sales contracts. With the current very strong demand for timber – and prices to match – forest owners need to know what questions to ask and understand the answers to get the best results.

Topics of this 1-hour webinar included:

  • I have timber to sell timber - where do I start?
  • Who will buy my timber?
  • Is measuring my timber before I sell a good idea?
  • Do I need a timber sales contract? What should be in this contract?
  • What about selling timber and tax?

View webinar below:

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