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Ireland's Trees: our heritage 10,000 years in the making

Ireland's Trees: our heritage 10,000 years in the making

Teagasc's virtual forestry adviser, Ciara, tells the story of forests in Ireland – from the last Ice Age to the present day. A heritage, 10,000 years in the making…She describes the climate affect of forestry development, the decline in forestry as agriculture developed and population grew.

We need many different types of trees and forests for many different purposes: from renewable construction materials, carbon-neutral fuel or forests where we can find peace and tranquillity to increasing our native woodland resource.

What a forest journey Ireland is on! Since the early nineties, nearly all tree planting is carried out by private individuals because of attractive forestry grants. Most of them are farmers. But it wasn't always like that. Following the Ice age, and as the climate gradually improved, elm, hazel and ash woods dominated in the eastern lowlands while oak and hazel woodlands were much more common in the west. 

Watch Ciara in action below as she takes us from the last Ice Age to the present day


Ciara is now a full-time (virtual) staff member of the Forestry Development Department so you will see more of her in the future.

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