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Let’s Work with Wood - our most versatile and renewable resource

Wood is a highly versatile, sustainable and renewable resource. Consider your home or place of work; we often take for granted the large variety of wood components within touching distance, all around us. Tom Houlihan, Teagasc Forestry Specialist tells us more.

Lets Work with Wood - our most versatile and renewable resource (PDF)

In this article, we examine the use of wood in the following categories:

  • Working with Engineered Wood
  • Working Closer to Home
  • Working with Wood for Energy
  • Delivering Multiple Carbon Benefits
  • Working in the Bioeconomy

Our message for you!

There is great potential for to work with wood. It is a natural fibre, with an extraordinary range of applications, enriching all our lives.  From regular construction, to high-rise buildings, from bioenergy to the bioeconomy, the options, like our productive forests, grow each day. So let’s take pride in the product and work much more with our natural resource!

Why not consider the range of uses from your local area and share your findings and photos on https://www.facebook.com/forestry.teagasc/. We look forward to your new discoveries. Please also feel free to share this article with your colleagues and networks.