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Trees: From Seed to Sawdust

"Trees: From Seed to Sawdust" is a series of 20 radio documentaries broadcast on KCLR 96FM, every Monday at 5.30 pm until the 7th March 2022. Each week the series covers a topic based on trees and their role and uses in the Irish landscape. Michael Somers, Teagasc Forestry advisor explains more

Aimed at farmers and landowners


As the name suggests, the series covers everything to do with trees, from growing them as seeds in nurseries like Ballintemple, Co Carlow to their use, for example, as timber in the construction industry. The series is aimed at farmers and landowners interested in planting trees. While at the same time, it has a broad appeal amongst the general audience who use forests for recreation, foraging, and work who tune into KCLR.  


Topics include exploring different forestry management approaches from clear-felling to continuous cover forestry and the merits of agroforestry as an attractive avenue into trees for the landowner reluctant to take a chunk of land out of agricultural use. Some programmes focus on the many diverse uses of wood, from making musical instruments to those in industries like whiskey distilling and construction. The series also talks to landowners farming tree crops such as Christmas trees, apple tree farming, and growing biomass for energy production.


Input from Teagasc Forestry Advisors


The series has benefitted from the input and help of Teagasc Forestry Advisors Michael Somers and Frances McHugh. It has featured some of the leading players in Irish Forestry, including Teagasc, Coillte, and the Irish Wood Producers. This series is funded by the Department of Agriculture through their Woodland Support Scheme. 


Teagasc are delighted to work with KCLR on the series and has been positively received by the listeners to KCLR. The series of documentaries is by Monica Hayes, whose previous work has been recognised through IMRO Radio awards and nominations.  


For those of you who would like to listen back to the series, access to the programmes broadcast to date can be found on the KCLR website - Trees from seed to sawdust or under the documentary section of KCLR's podcast page on Spotify or wherever you do your podcast listening.  


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