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Virtual Forest Walks 2021

Teagasc are organising a nationwide series of virtual forest walks via Zoom from April 12 to 23 focusing on the management of young forests. Frances McHugh, Forestry Development Officer at Teagasc gives an insight into what will be discussed during these virtual events

Each Forestry Advisor will host a webinar in their area focusing on local forest management needs, demonstrating why it is essential to care for young forests.

New forests require several years of active management to become well established regardless of the woodland or species type. If a forest is not well maintained, the overall health of the forest could be compromised, affecting both future timber revenue and biodiversity value.

It is therefore very important that all forest owners understand the needs of a young forest. This is also true if the management of the forest has been subcontracted out for the first four years. After all, it is the owner that will benefit most from well looked after trees!

Correct and timely forest management is also essential for payment of the second instalment of the Afforestation Scheme (4-year maintenance grant) and forestry premium is subject to the forest successfully achieving certain standards.

These events will be a visual ‘walk through’ management issues that may occur when a new forest is developing. This will allow forest owners to recognise potential problems and how to address them. These issues include vegetation control, damage from browsing animals, nutrient needs, shaping of broadleaf trees, and reducing the risk of fire damage.

These on-line forest events are aimed at landowners who have established a new forest in the last few years and at landowners who are considering planting some land.

They will be held through Zoom. Following registration, you will be sent an access link a few days prior to the event. See table below for details of dates for these local events. It is recommended that you attend your ‘local’ event as discussions will be more relevant to the location of your forest site. 

Registration before your local event is required. For more information visit www.teagasc.ie/virtualforestwalks

Counties covered and dates are listed in the below table