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Woodlands and Lough Oughter – from the air

Lough Oughter is a complex of lakes on the river Erne in Co. Cavan covering about 9,000 hectares. The area is a designated Natura 2000 site and is also part of the UNESCO Marble Arch Caves Geopark. Kevin O’Connell, Teagasc Forestry Development Officer discusses integration of forestry and the lakes


About Lough Oughter

  • 3% of Europe’s Whooper swans overwinter here
  • 10% of Ireland’s Great Crested Grebe breed in this area.

This lake complex has a long association with forests, names such as Derinishmore, Derinishbeg and the Derries all indicating that Oak woodlands were prominent in ancient times.

Today the integration of farming, forestry and wetlands/lakes can be seen. Mixed woodlands of Spruce, Pine, Oak and Beech are to be found alongside dairy and beef farms.

Strategic planting of trees and designated setback areas all contribute to maintaining clean and healthy aquatic ecosystems.

Lough Oughter is a renowned angling lake and along with other activities like canoeing, boat trips, biking and walking all contribute to the local tourist economy.

Forestry in County Cavan

The total forest cover in county Cavan including both privately owned and state owned amounts to 10.1 % of the land area or 19,635 ha. 

Approximately 75% of the forest cover is comprised of conifers while 25% of the area is made up of broadleaves.  

Enjoy a 360° panorama of the Lough Oughter area and its woodlands…

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