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Creating a Win-Win for Farmer and Environment using PastureBase - Webinar

On this webinar, which took place on Wednesday, 13th January, the PastureBase Ireland and Teagasc Grass10 team were joined by Teagasc Soil Researcher David Wall, to discuss increased nutrient use efficiency (NUE) and special guest dairy farmer Kevin Moran, on recording soil fertility on PastureBase

Reducing fertiliser costs and increasing nutrient use efficiency (NUE) benefits the farmer and the environment.

This webinar is essential for any farmer wanting to achieve a reduction in fertiliser costs and increased nutrient use efficiency (NUE) benefitting the farmer and the environment for 2021 and beyond.

View webinar recording below:


Creating a Win-Win Scenario for the Farmer and the Environment using PastureBase Ireland Webinar (pdf)

Join the Grass10 & PastureBase experts John Douglas, Micheal O'Leary and Joe Dunphy along with Teagasc Soil Researcher David Wall, as they outline the challenges & opportunities in achieving increased nutrient use efficiency (NUE), while reducing fertiliser costs, using PastureBase Ireland.

Attendees heard first hand from special guest dairy farmer Kevin Moran and learned about how he records his soil fertility and fertiliser on PastureBase and how this helps him become more nutrient efficient on his farm.

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