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Grass10 Newsletter - 18th January 2022

In this week's update from the Grass10 team get current grass growth details and predicted grass growth from Elodie Ruelle’s MoSt grass growth model, plus Grass10 Weekly Tips. See when to apply early Nitrogen, using a grass budget to plan 1st rotation, using slurry to grow grass in 2022 and more

179th Edition - 18th January 2022

Grass10 Weekly Tips

  • Take the opportunity this week to get out and complete your opening Average Farm Cover of 2022. Walking your farm will also tell you where areas of fencing need to be repaired or improved before the 2022 grazing season gets underway. When you have your opening AFC completed on PastureBase Ireland, complete a Grass Budget to plan out your grazing for spring 2022.
  • Rainfall predicted for the next week is very low and ground conditions are excellent in many areas throughout the country. Soil temperatures are expected to hold at between 5 & 6 degrees for the next week as per the MoSt Grass Growth Prediction model at the top of the newsletter. For farmers who are applying slurry now it is important to remember the important key points below:
    • 2000 gallons per acre of dilute slurry is the maximum that should be applied
    • Prioritise paddocks with low P&K and under 800 Kg DM/Ha with LESS technology
    • Keep an eye on the forecast & avoid spreading before heavy rainfall or yellow/red warnings
  • Reviewing your paddock size on PastureBase Ireland – Over the last number of years as herd & flock size has increased on certain farms around the country, fences may have been adjusted to make certain paddocks bigger, or two paddocks have been amalgamated into one. However, these paddocks may still have the old area on PastureBase. Before you complete an opening AFC for 2022, you can “edit” or “remove” paddocks and adjust areas in the “Paddock” section on PastureBase Ireland.

Last chance to register for Thursday's webinar


Our next webinar is very timely as it focuses on how farmers can use PastureBase to maintain normal grass growth and yield using less nitrogen fertiliser. This will improve farm profitability and sustainability. This webinar will focus on having a spring nutrient plan, appropriate applications during the mid-season, and using clover to replace chemical nitrogen. We will demonstrate how to record fertiliser, slurry and lime applications on PastureBase which is essential to achieve target reductions. Young Grassland Farmer of the Year 2020, David O’Leary, will also join us to discuss how he grows a lot of grass with efficient nitrogen fertiliser use. Click below to register.

Use a Grass Budget to plan your 1st rotation in 2022

Using Slurry To Grow Grass In 2022

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