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Grassland Reseeding

Reseeding is when you turn up fresh soil or break the surface of the field and renew the grass. Main reasons for grassland reseeding are weather damage, strain from drought/flooding, excessive machinery operations or livestock damage. Gerard Griffin, Kildalton College gives more information.

When reseeding the following need to be considered: 

  • the method of reseeding
  • the nutrient requirement of the seed.

To achieve good establishment of the grass it is essential that the field is clean. It must be grazed off tightly. The most important things to get the grass seed to germinate is good soil seed contact and sufficient moisture to allow the germination process to occur. It is important to get a firm seed bed and for the seed to come in contact with the soil. . Consolidating the seed bed with a roller is essential.


Clover is an essential component of a sustainable grassland farming system. Clover is a nutritious food source for livestock and is also a means of fixing atmospheric nitrogen into the soil to feed the grass. lover can be planted along with the grass seed when reseeding is being done or it can be put in after the grass is established. Clover is a leguminous plant meaning in it's root structure there are nodules that can transfer the atmospheric nitrogen taken from the air into a usable form of nitrogen for the plant.  

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