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It’s Time for Lime!

It’s Time for Lime!

Weather conditions can be a major obstacle for spreading lime, especially during the latter half of the grazing season. Unfavourable weather conditions experienced in autumn hampers ability to get lime spread on the farm. Teagasc Kilrush, Advisor Niall Kerins gives advice on spreading lime earlier

The current weather conditions is resulting in silage being harvested or surplus bales being made on farms. This clean ground after harvest presents a perfect opportunity to get lime spread. Grass is completely removed from the field which results in very little lime sticking to the grass plant. It is recommended to spread lime at a rate of 2 tonne per acre on mineral soils, so target paddocks with a pH below 6.3.  

Ground limestone this year costs on average €27 per tonne spread of. Lime raises the soil pH and increases the availability of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P) and Potassium (K) for grass growth. Chemical fertilisers come as one of the biggest cost on farms this year. Lime increases the availability of applied fertilisers for grass growth.

Remember: 10-12 acres of pastures recently grazed/harvested presents the ideal opportunity now to get one lorry load of lime spread, don’t delay and spread today!

The table below illustrates best practise when spreading lime alongside fertilisers:

1st application2nd  applicationHow much time to leave between 1st & 2nd application
Lime  UREA 3 - 6 months
  Slurry 3 - 6 months - only if concerned over the N in slurry
  Protected UREA/CAN/18-6-12 etc.  1 week
Slurry/Protected UREA/CAN/18-6-12 etc Lime  1 week 

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