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Post sowing management and grazing of a grass/clover reseeds

John Paul Murphy Farm Manager in Moorepark gives and update on the sward sown on May 1st 2020. He gives details on the management of the sward to date.

This sward being discussed was sown on May 1st 2020. The sward is a 100% tetraploid with 1 kg of white clover seed included in the seed mix. It was sprayed with a clover friendly post emergency herbicide (Legumex DB) on June 4th when the docks were at the seedling stage.

The reseed was grazed 2 weeks after spraying at a pre-grazing cover of 1000 kg DM/ha. The reseed will receive 30 kg N/ha of protected Urea after grazing.

The plan for the remainder of the year is to continue to graze at a cover of 1200 kg DM/ha to a residual of 4 cm. This is to ensure that the grass and clover plant fully establish in the sward.