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Silage Quality and Preservation

Farm Walk and Talk with AgriAware. Aidan Nugent and Martin Woods of Kildalton College go through the making of silage. They give details on it's feed value and outline quality tests that can be undertaken

Grass is the most common, sustainable and cheapest feed available to livestock farmers. Silage is grass that is preserved for winter feeding. Higher animal performances and farm savings will occur when following best practice advice when making silage.

It's important to budget and make sure that there is adequate winter feed available for livestock on the farm. An animal will eat 2% of its bodyweight in dry matter per day. It is important to make silage of the highest possible quality.

Increasing silage quality is more sustainable as it reduces waste and gives better utilization of feed. This will result in increased farm profit and livestock performance. 

There are four test that can be carried out on silage:

  1. Colour and Smell
  2. Dry Matter %
  3. pH
  4. DMD% (Dry Matter Digestibility).

Watch the video for more information.

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