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Sustainable Grassland Management

Slurry is readily available on most farms and with correct usage it can reduce chemical fertilizer use on the farm. In this farm Walk and Talk with AgriAware video, Patrick Heffernan and Declan Byrne of Kildalton College discuss grassland management.

The sustainable use of slurry is very important and with Ireland agreeing to reduce its green house gas emissions by up to 30% by 2030 farmers must play their part. The EU green deal and farm support strategies recommend a 30% reduction in chemical nitrogen usage by the year 2030. Using slurry efficiently and effectively will help contribute to this target. Using Low Emission Slurry Spreading (LESS) is more sustainable. 

Good grassland management is vital for sustainable agriculture. Grass measuring and good nitrogen use are essential to grassland management. Grass measuring allows a farmer to quantify the amount of grass growing on the farm and will identify a possible surplus' or deficit' before they arise.

There are a number of grass measuring tools available. More information is available here

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