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The Clover Reporter with Brian McCarthy

The Clover Reporter with Brian McCarthy

The Grass10 team would like to introduce you to a new section of the Grass10 newsletter, The Clover Reporter. This section will give weekly reports and videos from farmers who have a lot of clover established on their farms. Brian McCarthy is this week's Clover Reporter

Name: Brian McCarthy
Location: Clonakilty Agricultural College, Clonakilty, Co. Cork
Enterprise: Dairy
Soil Type: Predominantly light loam soils
% Farm In Clover:  37%  (31 ha; half of the research area is grass-only for experimental purposes)
% From Reseeding:  90% (28 ha)
% From Oversowing: 10% (3 ha)
Clover content 2021: 20% on 31 ha
Clover varieties:  Chieftain (medium leaf size), Crusader (medium leaf size), Buddy (medium leaf size), Coolfin (small leaf size)
Seeding Rate/Ac:  2 kg/ac - oversown, 2 kg/ac - reseed
Methods Used: Reseed – discing and onepass, Oversow – broadcast with fertiliser spreader and mix clover seed with 0-10-20.
Why Clover?: We have been undertaking research into white clover since 2012 and have seen the positive effect of clover on grass production and animal performance along with the potential to reduce nitrogen fertiliser use. We see it as one of the main components to improving the sustainability of dairy farming.
1st Rotation Management: Follow the spring rotation planner and graze down tight to 3.5 – 4.0 cm to allow light to the base of the sward.  
Brian's Top Tip For Clover: Good grazing management is essential to help maintain clover in the sward but being proactive and oversowing paddocks with clover in April every year will also be important to maintain good clover in the sward.

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