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Sustainable energy use in horticulture - Wind turbines

A webinar on sustainable energy solutions in horticulture using wind turbines took place on Monday, 7 November. Eoin Sweetman, Vegetable Crops Advisor was joined by Barry Caslin, Energy Specialist and Donal Gernon, Mushrooms Advisor.

Barry Caslin, Teagasc Energy Specialist presented an overview of wind power, turbine technology and review key considerations. Scenarios for horticultural producers were assessed and there was an opportunity for questions from viewers.

The ongoing shift away from fossil fuels is creating demand for renewable energy generation. Wind turbines are a well-established technology and considered mutually compatible with solar power. With potential power being produced twenty four hours a day it can be matched well with known base load demand. Businesses can also benefit from a Government subsidy support for microgeneration (MSS).

Watch webinar recording below

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