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2027 Sectoral Road Map: Food

A new Teagasc 2027 Sectoral Road Map for Food was published on Tuesday, 8 December 2020. It includes: Market and policy issues; Shape & size of sector at present and in 2027; Environmental & land use implications; Research & technology transfer actions; Some initiatives underway; Outcome of actions

A new series of Teagasc Sectoral Roadmaps 2027 was published on Tuesday, 8 December during a live webinar. Paul Maher, Assistant Director of Teagasc Knowledge Transfer Directorate chaired the webinar where speakers gave an overview of the main elements of the Teagasc Sectoral Roadmaps 2027.

Teagasc Researchers John Spink, Pat Dillon and Mark Fenelon gave presentations in their areas of expertise. Kevin Hanrahan, Head of Teagasc Rural Economy and Development Programme gave an overview of the importance of agriculture and food in the Irish economy. The presentations and the webinar itself can be viewed here

Download the Teagasc 2027 Sectoral Road Map for Food (PDF)

Both global and EU market policy issues impact strongly on the Irish food sector, given that Ireland is primarily a food export country.  International food markets are transitioning towards a more resource-efficient, sustainable and circular bioeconomy and food manufacturers will need to adopt new technologies to implement circularity along the product supply chain via increased energy efficiency, lower waste, development of novel by-products, and reduced carbon emissions. Against the backdrop of these many challenges, the Irish food sector retains its outstanding food quality and safety standards, which have played a significant part in its economic success, and as a result Ireland is well placed to meet the growing global demand for food. Food research provides sustainable science-based innovations and solutions for the Irish food industry, to ensure economic development and profitability.  

There are nine sectoral roadmaps in total on Food, Environment, Beef, Sheep, Dairy, Pigs, Tillage, Forestry, and Horticulture. To see all nine of the Teagasc 2027 Sectoral Roadmaps click Teagasc Sectoral Roadmaps 2027