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No Dig Gardening Event

This No Dig Gardening webinar event was held on Thursday 5th May at 7pm with John Mulhern, College principal of Teagasc College of Amenity Horticulture, National Botanic Gardens and colleagues James Brady and Deirdre Walsh. Guest Speaker, Charles Dowding has a strong passion for 'no dig gardening

A little bit about Guest Speaker : Charles Dowding...

CHARLES DOWDING grew up on a dairy farm in Somerset. After graduating from Cambridge he worked for a hotel in the Inner Hebrides before starting to grow organic vegetables commercially on the family farm in the early 1980s. In 1990 he left behind what was by then a large market garden to live in France and Zambia. Returning to Somerset in the mid 1990s, he established a bed and breakfast and vegetable growing business at Lower Farm in Shepton Montague, Somerset.  There, Charles's salad bags were the main output from his two-acre garden of permanent raised beds and fruit trees.

Charles runs vegetable-growing courses and lectures and writes books on his unique growing techniques. Since 2012 Charles has begun a new garden at Shepton Mallet in Somerset which he has designed using no-dig principles.

Charles Dowding’s topic of No-dig gardening  is a method that aims for minimal disturbance of the soil, so that the natural processes can be preserved. ... No-dig gardening allows natural relationships between organisms to flourish and preserves the overall structure of the soil, leading to improved plant growth

You can catch up with all of Charles Dowding's work on his website https://charlesdowding.co.uk/  or YouTube Channel here

Event Organisers:

James Brady is a college teacher with Teagasc in the National Botanic Gardens and teaches students on Fruit and veg and market gardening in the College. The college has a diverse student population that are passionate about all things related to the natural environment and the soil. This event was championed by James and we are delighted with the reach that it made from Moscow to the USA and everywhere in between……!!!

Deirdre Walsh is our College assistant principal and is responsible for our education programmes. Deirdre has championed and driven our remote learning platform since the start of the pandemic and the Charles Dowding webinar was set up and supported uniquely by her.

Watch the No Dig Gardening Webinar recording here: 

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