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Securing Positive Mental Health in Farming

Securing Positive Mental Health in Farming

Ag Mental Health Week runs to Saturday, Oct 16. This week Teagasc Daily brings you short articles from John McNamara, Teagasc Health & Safety Specialist, reminding farmers and all working in agriculture of the importance of mental health awareness. Article 3 focus is: Securing Positive Mental Health

Health is a vital asset for Lifestyle and Farming.

The most valuable assets that any person has are health and safety.  This is particularly the case for farmers who are largely self-employed and their labour and managerial inputs are crucial for success. Health and mental health are associated with both health promoting practices and farm management practices adopted.  Teagasc has produced a short blueprint: ‘Positive Mental Health’ indicating where both health and farm management practices can be managed for success.

This leaflet can be downloaded at Positive Mental Health in Farming (PDF)

Further Information

Further background Irish research related to financial threat, social support, work stress and mental distress  on injury expectations is available at: The Roles of Financial Threat, Social Support, Work Stress, and Mental Distress in Dairy Farmers’ Expectations of Injury

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Check out the hashtags  #AgMentalHealthWeek and #itsgoodtotalk and the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Agmentalhealthweek/  for events taking place this week.