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Teagasc at BTYSTE: Helping shape the future of farming

Teagasc at BTYSTE: Helping shape the future of farming

Teagasc is at the virtual BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition (BTYSTE) 2022. Teagasc Researchers Catriona Boyle, Emma Dillon, Brian Moran & Trevor Donnellan tell us about the research work of Teagasc economists in compiling the National Farm Survey. You can visit the Teagasc stand here too

You may have heard news reports about farm income on social media or the TV or radio. Our economists at Teagasc analyse and report on this information.

Every year, our team of farm recorders collect information from about 900 farms. The farmers we ask to take part in this survey are randomly selected by the Central Statistics Office.

We use the information gathered to track the performance of dairy, cattle, sheep and tillage farm enterprises across Ireland. This information is used to help monitor the economic, environmental and social sustainability of farming in Ireland.

The farmer and the farm recorder work with each other to go through the information relating to the farm. They then put together the data necessary to calculate things such as farm profitability, the number of hours worked on the farm and the impact the farm has on the environment.

All of the information across the 900 farms is collected to create a national report on Irish farming, showing how the different farm enterprises are performing. This is very valuable to farmers, farm advisors and policy makers, not only in Ireland but also in Europe. This information also feeds into the European Commission’s Farm Accountancy Data Network (FADN) so we can see how our farms are performing in comparison to those in other European countries.

Read more about the Teagasc National Farm Survey 2020 here

Article by Catriona Boyle, Emma Dillon, Brian Moran and Trevor Donnellan

Teagasc – the Agriculture and Food Development Authority – is the national body providing integrated research, advisory and training services to the agriculture and food industry and rural communities in Ireland.

Every year we have a stand at the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition (BTYSTE). BTYSTE 2022 takes place from January 12th to 14th.

We also have a Teagasc prize, awarded to the student project in the main exhibition area that best demonstrates a thorough understanding of the science of agricultural or food production, or the use of science to improve technologies available to agricultural or food production.

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