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Teagasc Carrot Fly Webinar

Teagasc Carrot Fly Webinar

A Vegetable Webinar focusing on Carrot Fly, hosted by the Teagasc Horticulture Development Department, took place on Tuesday, 26th January 2021. Webinar hosts Andy Whelton & Eoin Sweetman, were joined by Prof. Rosemary Collier of Warwick University and UK carrot and parsnip consultant Colin Noble

Prof. Rosemary Collier, leading UK entomologist and researcher, discussed how growers should approach trapping, the use of prediction model ‘Morph’ and a general update on Carrot Fly trials at Warwick University including recent AHDB Insecticide results.

Colin Noble, of Vegetable Consultancy Services Ltd, discussed current UK and European industry practice for control of Carrot Fly, also touching on the use of low impact insecticides and organic methods of Carrot Fly control.

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Teagasc Carrot Fly Webinar Q&A's (PDF)

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