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TResearch Summer 2021

TResearch is an official science publication of Teagasc. It aims to disseminate the results of the organisation’s research to a broad audience. The Summer Edition of TResearch has a special feature on the living soil; Invisible lines; Circular protein; and Competitive without quotas.

A series of articles in this issue highlights the pathway from productionoriented soils research in the 1960s, led by Pierce Ryan and his team, to the current soil research focused on the chemical, physical and biological health of Irish soils. The soil health doctor gives Irish soils a physical examination, illuminates the dark mystery of dirt and gives soil microbes a memory test. Never before has so much been asked of our soils. The tools, which would have been science fiction to the early soil scientists, now exist to delve deeply into soil health. These new tools can help us to better understand the functioning of soil, to explore the complex interactions, and how to optimise soil management to underpin sustainable agricultural production