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TResearch Summer 2022

TResearch is an official science publication of Teagasc. It aims to disseminate the results of the organisation’s research to a broad audience. Picture of health - Researchers are leading work to improve the health and happiness of animals on farms, as public interest in animal welfare increases

Download the publication as a pdf here 

In this edition:

Team Spotlight

Weed watch - Teagasc researchers have brought easy-to-use technology into the field, by developing a successful data collection mobile app. This app is supporting a long-running project promoting the wider adoption of sustainable conservation tillage systems on Irish farms.


Mitigating methane on farms - Principal Research Scientist Sinéad Waters is leading research at Teagasc to develop farm-ready technologies that will reduce enteric methane emissions – a major source of greenhouse gas emissions.

External Insight

It’s hard to be green, when in the red - Farmers are facing a big challenge when it comes to balancing economic sustainability with environmental sustainability.

Back in time

Celebrating CELUP - Identifying the contribution of Teagasc’s Crops, Environment and Land Use Programmes to changes in the agri-food sector over time.

Look ahead

Encouraging entrepreneurial spirit - New Head of Technology Transfer and Commercialisation Siobhán Jordan anticipates the future of entrepreneurship and innovation at Teagasc.

Photo finish

On Tenderhooks

Also in this edition

Safety net: food security in Ireland - The Russian invasion of Ukraine has led to a global increase in food costs, worsening food security problems in some countries, and introducing it to others. Here, Teagasc’s Head of Rural Economy Development Programme Kevin Hanrahan examines food security in Ireland, and the potential implications of rising food prices.

genetic blueprint of the grain aphid - By unravelling the DNA sequence of the English grain aphid, Teagasc is providing novel insights that support research into insecticide resistance and mechanisms of viral transmission.

Comfortable sow, healthier piglets - Bettering the housing conditions of pregnant sows reduces long-term stress and improves mother and offspring welfare.

In real time - Teagasc is working with Spain’s University of Córdoba and Ireland’s leading dairy company Glanbia Ireland to evaluate a state-of-the-art process sensor for the real-time measurement of protein in milk protein concentrate.

You are what you eat - The statement ‘You are what you eat’ is well-known in food science. It refers directly to the bioactive compounds that we ingest when we eat healthy foods, and how much of them our bodies absorb.

A public view of animal welfare - Whilst perceptions of farm animal welfare are generally positive among consumers on the island of Ireland, there is a need to address gaps in information and sector differences.

Protected urea - Switching to the right type of fertiliser can allow farmers to maintain grass growth whilst minimising damage to the environment.

Hebe 2.0 - A novel Hebe shrub developed by researchers at Teagasc has the potential to be a new candidate crop for the growing cut foliage sector.

hired labour for family farms - Research undertaken by Teagasc and National University of Ireland, Galway shows that the use of hired labour on dairy farms is a beneficial strategy, yet it is currently underutilised.

the aroma of raw milk - Pioneering research undertaken by Teagasc, in association with University College Cork, has shown how cows’ diets affect the aroma of raw milk.

Plasma - Teagasc researchers are exploring the use of novel plasma technology in the cleaning of food contact surfaces.