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Elisa Arnaud, PhD Student Pig Development Department

In this one of 11 videos of PDD students, Postgraduate student Elisa Arnaud with the Teagasc Pig Development Department (PDD) describes the project she is working on which looks at nutritional and management strategies to improve growth and limit antimicrobial usage in pigs pre and post-weaning.

Elisa is a Pig Development Department Postgraduate Student with Teagasc. Her research project looks at nutritional and management strategy to improve the growth and health of pigs pre and post weaning, and to limit the problems at this age. In pre and post weaning pigs can face challenges that can lead to gastrointestinal diseases, which is a big concern to the industry.

The project aims to develop solutions to prevent and manage multifactorial enteric diseases in pigs as a means of reducing the need for antibiotic use. Reducing infection pressure and optimising gut microbiome, immunity and enzyme secretory capacity will be the focus. 

Find out more about Elisa's work in the video below 

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