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Export Performance and Prospects report 2022/23

Export Performance and Prospects report 2022/23

The publication of Bord Bia’s Export Performance and Prospects Report 2022/23 revealed the value of Ireland's food, drink and horticulture exports increased by 22% last year to reach a new record high of €16.7 billion

The significant increase of €3 billion on last year can be attributed to increasing unit prices due to inflation and rising input and operational costs, and an increase in the volume of goods exported. The stronger-than-expected performance came despite the impact of war in Ukraine, inflationary pressures on producers and global supply chain issues related to Covid.

The meat and livestock sector is the second largest element within Irish food and drink exports totalling over €4 billion last year, up 15% or €520 million on 2021. In spite of the significant financial challenges over the last 18 months, Irish pigmeat exports contributed €540 million to the Irish exchequer in 2022 (up 2% on 2021) representing 13% of the total value of food, drink and horticulture exports. The volume of pigmeat exported last year totalled 228,000 tonnes, down 20,000 tonnes on 2021. The pigmeat trade across the EU started slower in 2022 reflecting weaker global demand as the foodservice channel remained challenging due to Covid restrictions and reduced import demand from China. In addition, lower production was recorded for pigmeat last year although the impact on overall exports was offset by higher average prices.

Pigmeat shipments to international markets accounted for 69% of export volumes at 157,000 tonnes valued at €345 million. While China remains the key partner destination, the recovery in Chinese domestic production negatively affected Irish pigmeat exports during 2022 with the value of shipments to China falling by 31% to €130 million. This decline however was largely offset by stronger growth in other international markets such as Australia, the Philippines, the US and South Korea where lower domestic output levels boosted import demand. The value of Irish pigmeat shipped to these international markets was 40% higher in 2022 at €150 million. Closer to home, lower pigmeat availability across the EU mostly notably in Denmark, Germany and Poland saw Irish exports to the region increase by 23% to €100 million during the year. Exports to the UK were 3% higher in value terms at €95 million driven by higher unit pricing. Volumes to this market however also saw a decline on the previous year.

Value added meat exports are a vitally important outlet for traditionally lower value cuts and trimmings. Consisting of products such as value-added ingredients for foodservice and manufacturing channels, and products such as burgers for retail and foodservice, value added exports in 2022 reached an estimated €925 million. When broken down by species, value added pigmeat exports represented 50% of the total at €460m in 2022. Key markets for value added meat exports during 2022 included the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Denmark.

If you would like to find out more information, the Export Performance and Prospects report 2022/23 is available to download on the Bord Bia website at the following link: 2022---2023-export-performance--prospects-final.pdf (bordbia.ie).

Recordings from various speakers who presented at the launch of the report are also available to view on the website at the following link: Meat Marketing Seminar 2023 (bordbia.ie).

Download publication: Pig Newsletter January 2023 (PDF)