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Happy World Egg Day 2021

Happy World Egg Day 2021 from Teagasc Poultry. Today Friday 8 October, Teagasc joins egg fans worldwide to celebrate the power of the egg and all its nutritional and environmental benefits. Learn about Free Range Egg Production, the Let's Talk Poultry Webinar Series & Rebecca Tierney Poultry Advisor

Free Range Egg Production

The egg production industry has increased substantially in recent years, due to our growing population and a demand for protein foods. The sector is divided into four varying intensities: enriched cages; barn; free range; and, organic.

Free-range egg production is frequently referred to as an alternative system. The basic principle is simple. Birds have daytime access to a range, which is covered in vegetation. Free-draining soil with a healthy growth of grass is ideal. Regulations are implemented and inspected by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM). 

All eggs offered for sale from free-range egg units must conform to the standards for eggs in general. Additionally, eggs offered for sale in small packs bearing the words “free-range eggs” must be produced in poultry enterprises where:

  • hens have continuous daytime access to open-air runs
  • the ground to which hens have access is mainly covered with vegetation
  • the maximum stocking density is not greater than 1,000 hens per hectare of ground available to the hens.

Rebecca Tierney, Teagasc Poultry Advisor has produced a Factsheet on Free Range Egg Production which discusses topics including: What's involved, assessing your farm suitability, marketing, costings and legal requirements. You can download the factsheet here: Free Range Egg Production (PDF) or read more here Teagasc Factsheet: Free Range Egg Production

Let's Talk Poultry Webinar Series

Let's Talk Poultry is series of webinars for Irish poultry producers. Webinar host Rebecca Tierney, Teagasc Poultry Advisor and special guests provide updates and practical advice to allow you to improve production on your unit and potentially increase profits. Participants have the chance to pose their questions to speakers at the end of each webinar. 

Watch the series back here

Poultry Advisor

The Teagasc Poultry Advisor, Rebecca Tierney is based in the advisory office in Ballyhaise, County Cavan. Rebecca tells us a little about herself and the work she carries out.....

Hi, my name is Rebecca Tierney and I began with Teagasc in September 2019.  My background is not in poultry.  I grew up and live on a suckler farm in County Leitrim; however, my grandfather always owned a backyard flock which kindled my love of agriculture. I studied Animal Science in University College Dublin, and a Masters course through SRUC in Scotland, on Applied Poultry Science. This course covered all areas of Poultry including nutrition, health and welfare, the variety of production systems, and much more.

Before joining Teagasc, I was involved in all sectors of agriculture with a focus on poultry. Through this role, I developed some key connections and gained knowledge from the industry which is aiding me in my role.

In Teagasc, I will provide a Level 5 Certificate Component Award in Poultry Production. The course covers nutrition, welfare, housing, flock recording, manure handling and legislation. If you are interested in attending this course, you can email your interest to Rebecca.tierney@teagasc.ie. My role also involves offering advice to existing or potentially new poultry producers. I can give guidance on the options within the poultry industry. I can also assist if you have queries on the TAMS grants, or schemes such as the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat (SSRH) which is offered through SEAI. If you have any queries, please forward them to my email. 

Further information

If anyone has any queries in relation to the course, upcoming events, getting involved in poultry, or any other topic; please do not hesitate to get in contact with Rebecca by Phone: 049 4338666 or Email: Rebecca.tierney@teagasc.ie 

You can find out all about Teagasc Poultry here