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Molly Harrison, PhD Student Pig Development Department

In this one of 11 PDD student videos, Postgraduate student Molly Harrison, Teagasc Pig Development Department discusses her Masters project researching the potential to diversify the Irish pig produce market. She will investigate the feasibility of a high-welfare pig farm assurance scheme in Ireland

Postgraduate student Molly Harrison is investigating the feasibility of a pig welfare assurance scheme in Ireland;

  • An analysis of retailers and consumers expectations,
  • attitudes and understanding within the domestic and key UK export market,
  • and economic evaluation of the costs and benefits.

This project will investigate the feasibility of a high welfare pig farm assurance scheme in Ireland as a potential avenue for Irish pig produce market diversification. It will initially review current welfare assurance schemes will then analyse retailer, processor and consumer requirements, expectations and attitudes towards high welfare pig production. Finally it will calculate whether the premium buyers and consumers stated they would be willing to pay would cover the cost of a higher welfare system. Therefore estimating whether a pig welfare assurance scheme in Ireland could be economically feasible. 

Find out more about Molly's work in the video below 

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