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Pig Herd Performance 2021 Infographic

The Pig Herd Performance 2021 infographic summarises some of the main results from the 2021 National Pig Herd Performance Report. This report is the detailed analysis of the performance of the pig farms that participated in the Teagasc Profit Monitor (PM) recording system in 2021.

The data available and included in this analysis is from a total of 79 herds representing over 62,000 sows or 43% of the total Irish sow herd.  The average herd size included in this database is 790 sows and ranged from less than 100 sows to over 2,500 sows.

A main feature of the infographic is the comparison of a number of the 2021 statistics with those of previous years. These include; the number of pigs born alive per litter per year and number of pigs produced per sow per year.

Pig Herd Performance Report 2021 Infographic (pdf)

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The National Pig Herd Performance Report will be published shortly and can be accessed here on Teagasc Daily when available.

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