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Pig Newsletter - March 2022

In this edition; recommendations for pig farmers to cope with the crisis, Michael McKeon takes a look at optimum sale weight in light of the current situation and Elisa Arnaud & Peadar Lawlor present results from the PigNutriStrat project on administering pain relief to sows after farrowing

View it here: Teagasc Pig Newsletter - Mar 2022 (PDF)

In this issue:

Is it time to lose weight?

As the backlog of finisher pigs on Irish pig units has now largely dissipated, it gives producers the opportunity to assess what is the optimum sale weight for their pig unit. Logic might dictate that the record high feed ingredient prices would automatically make reducing sale weights a ‘no-brainer’ however it is not as clear-cut as it may seem. Find out why from Michael McKeon.

Recommendations for pig farmers to cope with the crisis

One of five recommendations is to talk to your Teagasc Advisor. Teagasc has a coordinated crisis response group for the different farming sectors and it is following the daily changes at an international level. Stay in contact with your advisor to get information on what other stakeholders are doing and what is happening at a national and international level in the pig and other sectors. Do not isolate yourself because this can have economic and, more importantly, psychological consequences. Contact your advisor to get real time market intelligence and, if required, to get help for your mental wellbeing. Read the other four recommendations

Administering pain relief to sows after farrowing

We are all very conscious that litter size in sows has increased dramatically in the past decade. This brings with it serious challenges for the producer. For instance colostrum yield per sow has not increased and we must ensure that each pig gets sufficient colostrum intake from the limited pool of colostrum available. We believe that ensuring adequate colostrum intake to all pigs will help increase pre-weaning growth but will also reduce the need to treat suckling pigs with anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. Elisa Arnaud and Peadar Lawlor discuss the PigNutriStrat project and Administering pain relief to sows after farrowing increased piglet weaning weight and reduced the need for medicinal treatment of suckling piglets, in this article.

The Irish Pig Health Society Symposium will take place in the Midlands Park Hotel, Portlaoise on Tuesday April 26th. You can find more information later in this newsletter.