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Practical considerations for the removal of Zinc Oxide Webinar

The Pig Development Department (PDD) will hold a webinar on January 25th at 1pm. During this lunchtime event we will focus on the practical steps and considerations for producers in advance of the ban on Zinc Oxide. Register here.

We are all very well aware of the current financial crisis that the pig sector is facing at present and the focus is on reducing costs at farm level and gaining access to finance to help farms through this difficult period. On top of this crisis there are a number of legislative regulations that are going to impact pig production. One such regulation is the forthcoming ban on the use of Zinc Oxide as a veterinary medicinal product from June this year (2022).

This webinar will provide up-to-date research information from Teagasc Pig Development Department and an international expert (Francesc Molist) view on what other countries are doing and what Schothorst Research Centre in the Netherlands are recommending.

Dr. Francesc Molist, Manager of Research and Development with Schothorst Feed Research will discuss nutritional and management approaches to Zinc Oxide removal. We will then hear from Edgar Garcia Manzanilla, Head of the Teagasc Pig Development Department who will discuss removing Zinc Oxide and reducing antimicrobials step by step..

This webinar is a must for all working in pig production and especially our farm staff who will be dealing first hand in managing the pigs once the zinc oxide is removed from the diets.

Pig Producers share their experiences

We will also hear from a number of pig producers who will share their experiences and insights thus far in removing Zinc Oxide from weaner diets. 

All contributors will then partake in a Q&A session where we will encourage all those in attendance to put forward any questions or opinions that they may have.

We really encourage as many as possible to attend this lunchtime event and strongly urge producers to ensure as many staff as possible attend as there will be plenty of information and discussion of value for all.

The Pig Development Department (PDD) issue an article on a topic of interest to pig producers on Fridays here on Teagasc Daily. Find out more here about the Teagasc Pig Development Department here