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Teagasc Pig Research Facility Farm Update - 31st December 2021

In final Teagasc Pig Research Facility update for 2021, Tomás Ryan, Farm Manager gives a review of the performance of the unit for the year.

Tomás goes through how the unit faired out throughout the year from a production point of view. Tomás gives an overview of the sows, piglets and the finishers performance.

The unit had 196 sows on average in the herd for 2021, with a replacement rate of 46% and hoping to go to 50/55% in 2022. Farrowing rate averaged at 91% for the full 12 months of the year. 

Around 45% of the piglets born in the unit are 1-1.5kg and about 46% of the piglets are in the 1.5kg or heavier range. Well in excess of 90% of the piglets in the unit are 1kg or heavier at birth.

The carcass year to date was 90.3 kilos, translating to sow figures it woulds equate to just shy of 2,700 kilos per sow of pig meat sold. 

Watch the update below for more details

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