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The Pig Exceptional Payment Scheme 2 Explained

Damien Ward, Assistant Principal Meat Policy Division in the Department of Agriculture, joins Ciarán Carroll on the latest Pig Edge podcast to explain the €13 million Pig Exceptional Payment Scheme 2 (PEPS2) which was launched in June.

PEPS 2 is a one-off payment scheme for pig farmers administered by the Department of Agriculture.

The aim is to support farmers in the current financial crisis in order to contribute to food security and address market imbalances.

The scheme, a follow-on from the original PEPS scheme, is open to all commercial pig farms subject to them fulfilling certain eligibility and conditionality requirements.

Damien explains in more detail the eligibility criteria and how to apply and to find out more go to: Pig Exceptional Payment Scheme 2 (PEPS2)

For more episodes and information from the Pig Edge podcast go to: www.teagasc.ie/thepigedge  

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