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Designing a sheep shed: Factsheet & Video

In this video & factsheet on Designing a sheep shed, Teagasc advisor, Edward Egan explains how the layout of a sheep shed should be planned before it’s built. He also explains how the layout of existing sheep sheds should be reviewed each year before the winter housing period.

Consider the layout of pens, penning, passage ways, meal troughs, water troughs, individual pens, lambing equipment, handling equipment, ventilation & lighting.

Keep in mind the needs of both the sheep & the shepherd. There is always room to improve.

A well designed sheep shed prevents pollution, is labour efficient, provides a healthy environment for the sheep & the shepherd & makes the best use of space.

Watch below as Edward Egan goes through sheep shed design step by step

Edward also covers these important steps in a Factsheet

Download the factsheet here Designing a sheep shed (PDF)

FactSheet FactSheet

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