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External parasites control options

To discuss the whole area of external parasite control at this stage of the season, Ciarán Lynch is joined on this week’s OviCast by Morgan Lane from Bimeda.

Morgan describes the main external parasites that can be an issue in flocks at this stage of the season such as lice and sheep scab. He explains the various control measures that are available from topical applications, injectable treatments and plunge dipping. Morgan explains what each of these treatment options are suitable for, their correct use and their limitations.

As plunge dipping provides the most comprehensive treatment option, he discusses best practice when it comes to dipping, safe use of the chosen product and disposal afterwards.

Morgan finishes up by discussing the availability of mobile plunge dip operators who are currently providing a service nationally.

List of Mobile plunge dip operators: http://www.sheepdippers.ie/

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